Unlocking The Beauty Of Opal

Opal is one of the most recognizable gemstones around the world. It has been used as an amulet for royalty and utilized in statement jewelry for centuries. As an ever evolving jewelry brand, it is the foundation of many of our pieces and serves as a timeless, eye catching way to enhance a myriad of good vibrations. This is a mineral so captivating and visually pleasing that it catches the attention of all who behold its opulent “fire”. And while the soft, waxy appearance of opal may lead one to believe this gemstone emits a gentle frequency, this alluring, multi-dimensional stone can usher in some major healing. It has also been used for centuries by shamans and medicinal practitioners alike to treat ailments surrounding the mind, and healing disease of the eyes. Prior to modern day lasik surgeries and contact lenses to correct shortcomings of vision, sleeping with a slab of opal resting near your temples was just what the doctor ordered. A roman historian, Pliny the Elder, once described opal as “a precious stone containing the fiery flame of Garnet, the resplendent purple of the Amethyst, and the sea-green glory of the Emerald – all shining together in incredible union and exquisite pleasure.” 

Outside of its visual appeal, there is a vast list of physical, emotional and metaphysical benefits to wearing and harnessing the energy of Opal. Similar to the visual refraction of brilliant rainbow colors that seem to spring from the depths of the stones otherwise matte white surface, Opal pulls out and amplifies any underlying emotions and allows for more accessible examination. While this can sometimes be a painful process, awareness is key in any successful integration and release, and there cannot be light without shadow. This process unfolds by introducing the spectrum of light present in the stone itself into the auric field and scattering the energy outward. 

As with all gemstones; there are different grades and types of Opals ranging from the most brilliant Precious Opals, Common Opals and Fire Opals. There are also differing color ranges including white, yellow, red, orange, green brown and blue and can be anywhere from translucent to opaque in appearance. The most valuable of these being the “Rainbow Opal” which, as the name suggests, encompasses a variety of flashing colors. Just as they vary in color, they differ in vibration with precious Opals emitting the largest concentration of energy. 

Historical Properties

With 95% of the world’s Opals being mined in Australia, it has become a mecca for the industry and is a highly profitable export for the country. Aborigines in the area believed that the stone was sent to earth on a rainbow to bestow a message of peace and love. While most legends around the world surrounding Opal were centered around good luck and fortune, there was a point in time where a more sinister tale was told. In the 14th century during the black plague, an Opal worn by an infected patient was said to have been in full color up until the point of death, when the stone suddenly went dull and lost its brilliance. There have also been tales of a Spanish king; who passed a precious Opal ring onto various members of his family, who soon thereafter fell ill and died. By 1849 Queen Victoria worked to reverse the stones’ unfounded bad press by wearing family heirlooms and bestowing Opal jewelry to her close friends. The Royal court of Britain was regarded as the pinnacle for fashion trends at that point in time and thus by 1932, Eastern European mines were unable to keep up with world wide demand for Opal. 

Emotional Properties

This is a great gemstone to have in any crystal arsenal for the use of connecting with emotions that could be more intangible. It’s energy can easily be tolerated for everyday wear and as such, makes a great piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved ones. It is useful in soothing challenging emotions, for this reason it can be integral after energetically heavy events and can be used as a conduit to help clear some of the mental fog that can result. It has the ability to strengthen positive feelings, encourage independence and release inhibitions. 

Esoteric Properties

Mystics revere Opal for many reasons and it can serve as a basis for a multitude of spiritual practices. As the stone physically shifts and presents different refractions of light, so it also provides flashes of insight and intuition to the user. It can be used in mediation practices; as well as placed in a pocket to encourage physical vision and cosmic awareness. The healing properties of Opal are relevant to any practiced Mystic, especially in conjunction with other stones. Use a piece of Opal in conjunction with Sodalite to encourage physic ability while allowing the energy to be introduced in a soothing, applicable way. Malachite and Opal together will bring matters of the heart to the surface; and the list goes on and on. When using Opal in spiritual work, it would be beneficial to come from a centered, grounded place as it does scatter and refract energy.

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