Balancing The Scales With Libra

It’s time to get balanced and remember the beauty that life presents as we leave behind what has been a lighter summer season astrologically, and prepare for a tumultuous October in Libra season. October promises some planetary challenges with Mars and Mercury retrograde, both at tough angles to restrictive Saturn; and two full moons during the month, coining the term ‘once in a blue moon.’ Libra’s whimsical, harmonious energy will be a welcome addition from the otherwise tense build up in the cosmos. 

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus which encourages areas of beauty, charm, equality and romance. One of our favorite stones to use in our collections, Opal, is associated with the birthstone of October. 

Relationships are a key part of Libras life, as they have an innate understanding of all sides in a romantic partnership. The seventh house rules romance and partnerships and this is the natural home of harmony loving Libra. As an air sign, Libra is known for being a skilled mental strategist, and although many know Libra for being the ‘yes man’ of the zodiac, as a cardinal sign; Libra is very much taking charge and has a plan in all endeavors. These diplomats are justice oriented and are a great third party in any situation where mediation is needed. For this reason they make credible judges and lawyers. However, being able to see both sides of a situation has its drawbacks; as many Libras have difficulty with indecisiveness. This particular characteristic draws from Libras ability to fully understand all sides as well as a dislike in engaging in confrontation. It is also notable that Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object, the scales. 

What does this mean for me ? 

Perhaps the easy going nature of Libra isn’t exactly your vibe, but working with the structure of reality and allowing it to influence themes in your life can assist in greater growth and understanding. Take this time to be more open minded, especially when it comes to arguments. As outlined previously, conflict is something Libra finds difficult, as they are fair minded. Between the non confrontational energy of Libra and the retrograde of Mars, the god of war, the universe is asking us to avoid unnecessary altercations. 

Much of Libras life revolves around relationships, so take this time to appreciate yours and reevaluate the balance of their dynamics. You will find yourself more perceptive in this area and hopefully unearth some knowledge to continue to implement. This is also a great time to focus on all things aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair; or rearranging your furniture, now is the time. Nobody appreciates and harnesses beauty like Libra! Avoid overspending as Venus can cause a preoccupation with excess. There is also the tendency to consider all sides and become overwhelmed with options and stagnate. Remember making no choice at all, is still making a choice.