Abalone Of The Sea

If you’ve ever noticed a recurring material in our collections – you’ll know that Abalone is a true favorite of Leslie’s. Often used as a smudging tool, this rainbow encompassed shell is a beautiful fixture in most spiritual enthusiasts’ toolbox for a good reason.

Abalone has been revered for centuries in Native American culture as a tool to assist in cleansing negative energies. Not only is it useful as a smudging bowl during sage burning rituals, but it is also visually beautiful. Known as “the ear of the sea,” the vibrant colors and one of a kind patterns are known characteristics of Abalone shells. As no two are the same, this naturally occurring rainbow shell makes for a beautiful jewelry piece and is one of our favorites to showcase.

Healing Properties 

Abalone is used in spiritual ceremonies to connect with and enrich the inner soul. The crystal is known to carry messages to higher realms by connecting to the crown and third eye chakra energy systems in the physical body. Abalone connects to psychic gifts and is used to aid in meditation and spiritual practices.

Pairing it with another crystal will increase Abalone’s esoteric properties. Use Abalone as a conduit for any energy surrounding it, similar to crystal quartz. That being said, although its shell-like appearance differs from a typical crystal, it is important to keep your Abalone cleansed as with any energy harnessing tool. You can cleanse Abalone with the smoke of burning sage, palo santo, or running it underwater. This will ensure that Abalone doesn’t hold onto any negative energies and will keep your Abalone radiating clean, positive energy. 

Additionally, emotional balance is among the long list of healing properties Abalone has to offer. Because of its ability to soothe, Abalone is a faithful comrade when dealing with challenging relationship issues. As a result of Abalone’s connection to the ocean, it takes on the soothing and changing quality of water. A good reminder to roll with the punches and remain flexible.

Abalone aids in open conversation by easing expression and amplifying a feeling of protection. There are many physiological benefits when harnessing the power of Abalone, including soothing the nervous system. If relaxation is what you’re after, Abalone will positively influence your body’s stress response, not to mention that just the sight of it will bring you a little piece of the ocean and calm a racing mind. 

Ideal Crystal Pairings  

Abalone and Lapis Lazul – enhances intuition and psychic abilities

Abalone and Amethyst – amplifies feelings of protection and stress relief

Abalone and Rose Quartz – radiates love and self-acceptance of emotional issues

Abalone and Citrine – good luck and good fortune 

Abalone and Tigers Eye – encourages connection to actualizing difficult emotion and connectedness to body, mind, and spirit