The Tranquility Of Turquoise

Turquoise is widely known for the opaque marbled blue-green appearance that is unique to every piece. The physical beauty alone makes it a popular centerpiece for jewelry and amulets alike. Moreover, turquoise has an abundance of healing benefits to offer.

Native Americans identify turquoise as the great protector and have used the stone in rituals for centuries. Certain Indigenous Peoples recognize turquoise as an uniter of earth and sky. The ancient Egyptians adorned their graves with turquoise amulets and talismans as a symbol of wealth. In fact, Egypt is home to the oldest known turquoise mines.

The planet Jupiter is most associated with turquoise as it is one of the birthstones of the zodiac sign Sagittarius (November 22-December 21). Sagittarius is the sign of the optimist, which is fitting for the harmonious vibration emitted by turquoise.

The many healing benefits associated with turquoise can harness tranquil, protective, and communicative energies. For example, turquoise’s blue color interacts with the third energy system in the body. The third energy system in the body is the throat chakra, which enables clear communication and self-expression.

Turquoise with the throat chakra encourages leadership, authority, and self-awareness. Working with turquoise will encourage speaking one’s truth and productive conversation. Use turquoise to overcome writer’s block.

The overall gentle and tranquil vibration helps balance and encourage inner calm, making it an excellent mediation aid. Turquoise helps with jet lag as well as fear of flying.

This versatile stone will ultimately encourage creativity and enhance prophetic power. Due to its variety of useful properties, turquoise is a beautiful addition to any “crystal cocktail.” It packs a punch when paired with other definitive energetic crystal specimens, especially those connected to the throat or crown chakras’ energies.

Open The Throat Chakra Meditation

This meditation exercise uses your piece of turquoise to enhance mental clarity, communication, and self-awareness. You can also pair it with any other blue-hued stones.

1. Sit or lie comfortably in a place where you don’t usually sleep. Take a couple of deep breaths to relax and get ready to focus on clearing the mind and preparing for healing. Gather a piece of turquoise and other like stones such as lapis lazuli or blue lace agate.

2. Hold your stones to your throat for a few moments. Note the subtle feeling of your throat’s energy field and the crystals intermixing. On the next inhale, imagine a blue light entering your body from the stones, relaxing your throat and enhancing your ability to communicate with yourself and others. Lower the crystals and hold them in your lap as you continue to breathe.

3. Be aware of the thoughts and feelings that arise. Do not follow the thoughts and allow them to take on a life of their own. Simply make a note and let them pass without attachment. 

4. Visualize a clear blue sky littered with fast-moving clouds. Think of the sky as your mind; clear, blue, and steady. Think of the clouds as passing thoughts and allow them to do just that- pass. Spend the next 10-20 minutes to focus your mind as the clear blue sky. 

5. Once you feel focused, calm, and relaxed, take a deep breath, stretch, and return your awareness to the present moment. Whenever you are ready, take your time and rise slowly.