Come Sail Away With Sagittarius


Sagittarius can’t sit still, whether talking about the physical location or romantic relationships. Variety and spontaneity across all aspects of life are what keep this sign happy. Dating a Sagittarius is a wild ride of non-stop fun and an addictively cheeky zest for life.

However exciting a partner they may be, Sagittarius can have a difficult time committing. Still, the ever-endearing unwavering sense of optimism redeems Sagittarius. Their optimism is one reason why so many Sagittarius natives are prone to take risks, as their rosy outlook coupled with a perpetual good luck streak allows them to. These natives thrive in spontaneity and give their best energy when there’s a sense of adventure present. As a result, they don’t always succeed as a planner of the group.

Sagittarius’ ruling planet is Jupiter, which contributes to their expansive nature and often makes them good leaders. Sagittarius is home in the 9th of the 12 zodiac houses, identified as the house of travel abroad, philosophy, higher education, and exploration. With an unapologetic way of spearheading into the unknown comes outward confidence, which rubs off on everyone they meet.

Sagittarius makes a lovely friend and hype man, not to mention that they are often the life of the party. This sign is the “cool guy” of the zodiac; just don’t tell a Sagittarius that unless you want to hear about it for the next decade.

Sagittarius is a fire sign personified, with exuberant energy and domineering nature. However, Sagittarius is a mutable sign, allowing them to go with the flow and roll with changing tides. A Sagittarius can be a great role model, as they are continually searching for knowledge and are the philosophers of the zodiac.

How Should I Use This Energy?

As the archer loves to travel, this year has been quite challenging in that area of life. If allowed, socially distanced trips such as a spontaneous hike or a small weekend holiday at a lake house can do wonders for your mood. As mentioned previously, Sagittarius is a restless sign, so be on the lookout for making a change just for the sake of variety and not out of necessity. Use Sagittarius’s optimistic nature to appreciate what you have in front of you. The grass may seem greener on the other side, but there is always a reason to find happiness in where you are.