Falling Into Virgo Season

Stow away the bikinis, pull out the sweaters – it’s time to get back to school and with it, welcome the studious energy of Virgo season. As much of the world prepares to return to class, we receive extra support from this methodical, detail-oriented zodiac sign, making our journey away from summer a little easier. Virgo is a mutable earth sign and is a flexible character with a grounded approach to life and work. Each zodiac sign rules one of the 12 houses in a birth chart, and Virgo is at home in the 6th house. The 6th house of the birth chart rules work, routine, and productivity. There is no sign in the zodiac that values work and career like that of the water bearer, who often defines their entire identity in terms of their profession.

There is no better person to look to when you need something organized or planned than a Virgo. This sign is meticulous, detail oriented and productive. They excel in any fast-paced office environment and tend have a plan of execution, whatever the task. You can always find your favorite Virgo with a list and a methodical plan. Virgo is ruled by the witty, fast moving planet Mercury and as such is an exceptional communicator. Anything involving writing, reading and speaking will come naturally to Virgo and allow them to explore the full range of the adaptable nature.

How to utilize the energy

When Virgo comes on the scene, organization is a theme that is always more easily accomplished. With their relentless attention to detail and innate ability to prioritize necessary tasks, Virgo season promises to help you execute even your most monumental of tasks. Use this time to make lists of what you’d like to get done and you’ll find yourself prioritizing like a pro. If there’s a book you’ve been meaning to finish, routine you’ve been wanting to implement or a writing project you’re wanting to take on, now is the time! If you’ve been putting off taking stock of your goals and what you have accomplished, it’s time to turn the page! What Virgo lacks in fiery motivational energy, it makes up for in shrewd analysis and self-examination. That being said, this is a great time to come up with a plan and a practical way to implement the perfect outcome.

Themes to watch out for

Known for being the perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgo energy can run the risk of being overly critical of themselves and others. We can avoid the more judgmental side of Virgo by tapping into the adaptable modality that it can provide. While Virgo can be classified as a strictly and rigid character, we must remember that the water bearer is a mutable sign and has a major strength in being flexible and rolling with the flaws life can present. Virgo has the ability to spot imperfections, but is not the most straight-forward; there can sometimes be the tendency to communicate in a way that can be passive aggressive. Take this time to use a more precise mind not for criticism, but for open and empathetic understanding. This sign can also have the tendency for paralysis by analysis. With the ability to execute a well thought out plan, Virgo is well positioned to accomplish some of the most lofty aspirations one can dream up. Do not allow all of the meticulous attention to detail to deter from the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish this season.

Leo Season: What does it mean for you?

July 23nd – August 22nd

It’s Leo season! That means harnessing your confidence and letting that inner sun shine. Whether you have a flare for drama, or could just use a little pep in your step, Leo season will be a welcome reprieve in what has been an astrologically tumultuous year. For a large part of 2020, personal planets Mars, Venus and Mercury have been taking turns having their way with us while going retrograde. Personal planets have been moving faster and closer which tends to affect our moods and day to day life in a more noticeable way. Because of this, they can really wreak havoc and cause all kinds of miscommunication when their orbits turn backwards in retrograde.

2020 in general has been a particularly unique year with multiple slow moving AND fast moving planets in retrograde at any given time. However, we’re happy to report that there are no personal planets in retrograde in August! You may see some forward movement in matters of business, love and just feel like things have a little more momentum this month. That being said, do not wait to make moves if there’s something that you’ve been meaning to get off the ground. For come September, Mars will turn retrograde, followed by Mercury in October, causing delays and widespread misfires. But let us not focus on that, in true Leo form, let us seize the moment! 

A New Moon in August

This August, we are being delivered a noon moon in Leo! New moons are the time to take stock in your accomplishments and set your intentions for the next lunar cycle. The sun rules the sign of Leo and will encourage themes of boldness, creativity, self-love, comradery, and theatrics. Anything to stir up a scene is fully on the table, and Leo will give you the extra confidence boost needed to manifest any intentions you set for the new moon! Think about channeling your inner-self and use the energy of Leo season to launch some of your more lofty goals. There’s no better season than Leo to step out.

Leo is ruled by the sun (A Fire Sign)

The ruling planet of Leo is the sun ( how fitting eh? ) which is located at home in the 5th house of the zodiac. The fifth house deals with parties, fun, games, amusement, children, spectacles and popularity. This is in essence everything you need to keep a Leo entertained, after all, everything revolves around the sun, right? Being ruled by the sun, Leo is of course, a fire sign and packs all the punch of a cloudless sky on a hot summers day. The modality is fixed and as such Leo can be stubborn, focused and adverse to change. 

Leo season ushers in warm gregarious energy and while they can be egocentric, Leo’s are also known for being generous and loyal. Because of their love of being center stage, Leo’s make for talented and captivating performers and have brought us some of Hollywood’s brightest stars. So when it’s your turn to give that important presentation or sit down for a socially distanced dinner date with that someone you’ve had your eye on, remember that you have all the cosmic energy of Halle Berry and JLo behind you and breathe a little easier.

Themes To Remain Mindful Of

As with any sign, Leo has a shadow side. It’s always advantageous to know how to best utilize the energy and what to be aware of. Being ruled by the sun, power is always at the forefront of Leo’s mind. While we can certainly harness this and use it to our benefit, be mindful of over asserting yourself. Remember that Leo is naturally assertive and pushing too hard can often send the energy in the opposite direction and have an adverse effect. The tendency to be overly self-involved is another trait this sign can exaggerate. If you think in terms of the harsh shine of the sun, symbolically shining it’s light on reality, it’s easy to see where Leo is a “realist.” That being said Leo can see things in terms of black and white, not necessarily in a logical sense, but when it comes to what they believe to be the right and wrong way of doing things. This is where the theme of power struggles can rear it’s ugly head. While we can all use a little confidence boost, we have to remember to take everything into account and not get hung up on he who has the biggest lion’s mane.

How to Harness the Energy of Labradorite

Protection,Strength and Intuition

Between all of the gemstones that we carry, one of our absolute favorites to use within our collections is Labradorite. The meaning of this stone comes from the location in which it was first found, as it was named after Labrador in Canada. Not only is it visually beautiful, but the energy it emits is comforting, inspiring and unusual all at the same time. With brilliant shifts of deep blue to a spectrum of rainbow hues, each piece is wildly unique and resembles the palette of a peacock’s feathers (what’s not to love?!)

Healing stones are formed under immense pressure with natural elements deep within the core of the earth’s crust. Each stone holds its own type of energy, and certain ones can pack a lot of punch. As with all living things, the human body has a measurable energy field surrounding it, which can be affected positively or negatively. When we interact with crystals like Labradorite, our subtle body can absorb energies from stones which then raise our energy field, allowing them to highly elevate our day-to-day experience.

Interacting with the solar plexus energy center in the body, Labradorite will enhance the user’s personal power and is said to trap the brilliance of the northern lights. For this reason, the stone is widely used to harness “inner magic” and is associated with protection, strength and intuition. Labradorite dispels negative energy, insecurity and fear, and enhances self-confidence. It is one of the most effective stones in treating anxiety, and amplifies a sense of calmness in the user or wearer. This stone is also widely used for psychic development and exploring mystical abilities; and for this reason, it is very popular in modern day mystical collections.  

If you pick up on subtle energies you will notice a comforting, yet uplifting vibration emanating from the stone that may almost immediately inspire you. And if that’s not your jam, just observing Labradorite’s beautiful color shift throughout the day may excite you and provide stimulation. If you really want to tap into what this stone has to offer here are some ways to begin working with it:

Wearing Labradorite 

Wearing Labradorite may be beneficial if you are looking to aid serendipity, coincidence and synchronicity. It also encourages you to let go of thoughts that may impede you from taking action on those things that you are inspired to do. Wear Labradorite as a constant reminder to channel your inner goddess when it catches your eye throughout the day. What better way to integrate more magic into your life than wearing a good luck charm.

Meditating with Labradorite 

Crystals love your attention as they take any energy you give to them and reflect it back to you tenfoldFor this reason, meditating is always a great way to interact with them, but this is especially true with Labradorite. This stone is esoteric in nature and will enhance the user’s ability to connect with the spiritual plane. Not only will it calm your mind to guide you to a meditative state more quickly; it will also allow you to go deeper and really connect with universal healing energies. This is why it is widely used in the spiritual community for healing purposes and is a great addition to any spiritual practice. Holding the stone in your left hand will increase your experience, as this is the “receiving” side of the body. If you’re sensitive to energies, you may especially feel the vibes that this stone emits by hovering it above your wrist.

Dreaming with Labradorite 

Many people experience gaining greater insight while in a dream state. Labradorite will enhance dream recall and any spiritual work that you’re trying to achieve while dreaming. An easy way to use Labradorite in connection with dreaming is to keep it by your bed, especially near your head or under your pillow. Gaze at your stone or jewelry piece before bedtime and think about what you’d like to achieve in your dreams, whether it’s communication from spirit guides or lucid imagination, this will lock the experience in. Setting it near your head will allow the stone to interact with your body’s third eye and boost your dreaming experience through stimulating intuition.

Labradorite in Our Collections

Interested in channeling this stone? Shop some pieces that are available in Labradorite. Some of our most possible pieces are the Labradorite Studs, and the Labradorite Necklace.