The Tranquility Of Turquoise

Turquoise is widely known for the opaque marbled blue-green appearance that is unique to every piece. The physical beauty alone makes it a popular centerpiece for jewelry and amulets alike. Moreover, turquoise has an abundance of healing benefits to offer.

Native Americans identify turquoise as the great protector and have used the stone in rituals for centuries. Certain Indigenous Peoples recognize turquoise as an uniter of earth and sky. The ancient Egyptians adorned their graves with turquoise amulets and talismans as a symbol of wealth. In fact, Egypt is home to the oldest known turquoise mines.

The planet Jupiter is most associated with turquoise as it is one of the birthstones of the zodiac sign Sagittarius (November 22-December 21). Sagittarius is the sign of the optimist, which is fitting for the harmonious vibration emitted by turquoise.

The many healing benefits associated with turquoise can harness tranquil, protective, and communicative energies. For example, turquoise’s blue color interacts with the third energy system in the body. The third energy system in the body is the throat chakra, which enables clear communication and self-expression.

Turquoise with the throat chakra encourages leadership, authority, and self-awareness. Working with turquoise will encourage speaking one’s truth and productive conversation. Use turquoise to overcome writer’s block.

The overall gentle and tranquil vibration helps balance and encourage inner calm, making it an excellent mediation aid. Turquoise helps with jet lag as well as fear of flying.

This versatile stone will ultimately encourage creativity and enhance prophetic power. Due to its variety of useful properties, turquoise is a beautiful addition to any “crystal cocktail.” It packs a punch when paired with other definitive energetic crystal specimens, especially those connected to the throat or crown chakras’ energies.

Open The Throat Chakra Meditation

This meditation exercise uses your piece of turquoise to enhance mental clarity, communication, and self-awareness. You can also pair it with any other blue-hued stones.

1. Sit or lie comfortably in a place where you don’t usually sleep. Take a couple of deep breaths to relax and get ready to focus on clearing the mind and preparing for healing. Gather a piece of turquoise and other like stones such as lapis lazuli or blue lace agate.

2. Hold your stones to your throat for a few moments. Note the subtle feeling of your throat’s energy field and the crystals intermixing. On the next inhale, imagine a blue light entering your body from the stones, relaxing your throat and enhancing your ability to communicate with yourself and others. Lower the crystals and hold them in your lap as you continue to breathe.

3. Be aware of the thoughts and feelings that arise. Do not follow the thoughts and allow them to take on a life of their own. Simply make a note and let them pass without attachment. 

4. Visualize a clear blue sky littered with fast-moving clouds. Think of the sky as your mind; clear, blue, and steady. Think of the clouds as passing thoughts and allow them to do just that- pass. Spend the next 10-20 minutes to focus your mind as the clear blue sky. 

5. Once you feel focused, calm, and relaxed, take a deep breath, stretch, and return your awareness to the present moment. Whenever you are ready, take your time and rise slowly.

Come Sail Away With Sagittarius


Sagittarius can’t sit still, whether talking about the physical location or romantic relationships. Variety and spontaneity across all aspects of life are what keep this sign happy. Dating a Sagittarius is a wild ride of non-stop fun and an addictively cheeky zest for life.

However exciting a partner they may be, Sagittarius can have a difficult time committing. Still, the ever-endearing unwavering sense of optimism redeems Sagittarius. Their optimism is one reason why so many Sagittarius natives are prone to take risks, as their rosy outlook coupled with a perpetual good luck streak allows them to. These natives thrive in spontaneity and give their best energy when there’s a sense of adventure present. As a result, they don’t always succeed as a planner of the group.

Sagittarius’ ruling planet is Jupiter, which contributes to their expansive nature and often makes them good leaders. Sagittarius is home in the 9th of the 12 zodiac houses, identified as the house of travel abroad, philosophy, higher education, and exploration. With an unapologetic way of spearheading into the unknown comes outward confidence, which rubs off on everyone they meet.

Sagittarius makes a lovely friend and hype man, not to mention that they are often the life of the party. This sign is the “cool guy” of the zodiac; just don’t tell a Sagittarius that unless you want to hear about it for the next decade.

Sagittarius is a fire sign personified, with exuberant energy and domineering nature. However, Sagittarius is a mutable sign, allowing them to go with the flow and roll with changing tides. A Sagittarius can be a great role model, as they are continually searching for knowledge and are the philosophers of the zodiac.

How Should I Use This Energy?

As the archer loves to travel, this year has been quite challenging in that area of life. If allowed, socially distanced trips such as a spontaneous hike or a small weekend holiday at a lake house can do wonders for your mood. As mentioned previously, Sagittarius is a restless sign, so be on the lookout for making a change just for the sake of variety and not out of necessity. Use Sagittarius’s optimistic nature to appreciate what you have in front of you. The grass may seem greener on the other side, but there is always a reason to find happiness in where you are.

Abalone Of The Sea

If you’ve ever noticed a recurring material in our collections – you’ll know that Abalone is a true favorite of Leslie’s. Often used as a smudging tool, this rainbow encompassed shell is a beautiful fixture in most spiritual enthusiasts’ toolbox for a good reason.

Abalone has been revered for centuries in Native American culture as a tool to assist in cleansing negative energies. Not only is it useful as a smudging bowl during sage burning rituals, but it is also visually beautiful. Known as “the ear of the sea,” the vibrant colors and one of a kind patterns are known characteristics of Abalone shells. As no two are the same, this naturally occurring rainbow shell makes for a beautiful jewelry piece and is one of our favorites to showcase.

Healing Properties 

Abalone is used in spiritual ceremonies to connect with and enrich the inner soul. The crystal is known to carry messages to higher realms by connecting to the crown and third eye chakra energy systems in the physical body. Abalone connects to psychic gifts and is used to aid in meditation and spiritual practices.

Pairing it with another crystal will increase Abalone’s esoteric properties. Use Abalone as a conduit for any energy surrounding it, similar to crystal quartz. That being said, although its shell-like appearance differs from a typical crystal, it is important to keep your Abalone cleansed as with any energy harnessing tool. You can cleanse Abalone with the smoke of burning sage, palo santo, or running it underwater. This will ensure that Abalone doesn’t hold onto any negative energies and will keep your Abalone radiating clean, positive energy. 

Additionally, emotional balance is among the long list of healing properties Abalone has to offer. Because of its ability to soothe, Abalone is a faithful comrade when dealing with challenging relationship issues. As a result of Abalone’s connection to the ocean, it takes on the soothing and changing quality of water. A good reminder to roll with the punches and remain flexible.

Abalone aids in open conversation by easing expression and amplifying a feeling of protection. There are many physiological benefits when harnessing the power of Abalone, including soothing the nervous system. If relaxation is what you’re after, Abalone will positively influence your body’s stress response, not to mention that just the sight of it will bring you a little piece of the ocean and calm a racing mind. 

Ideal Crystal Pairings  

Abalone and Lapis Lazul – enhances intuition and psychic abilities

Abalone and Amethyst – amplifies feelings of protection and stress relief

Abalone and Rose Quartz – radiates love and self-acceptance of emotional issues

Abalone and Citrine – good luck and good fortune 

Abalone and Tigers Eye – encourages connection to actualizing difficult emotion and connectedness to body, mind, and spirit

Balancing The Scales With Libra

It’s time to get balanced and remember the beauty that life presents as we leave behind what has been a lighter summer season astrologically, and prepare for a tumultuous October in Libra season. October promises some planetary challenges with Mars and Mercury retrograde, both at tough angles to restrictive Saturn; and two full moons during the month, coining the term ‘once in a blue moon.’ Libra’s whimsical, harmonious energy will be a welcome addition from the otherwise tense build up in the cosmos. 

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus which encourages areas of beauty, charm, equality and romance. One of our favorite stones to use in our collections, Opal, is associated with the birthstone of October. 

Relationships are a key part of Libras life, as they have an innate understanding of all sides in a romantic partnership. The seventh house rules romance and partnerships and this is the natural home of harmony loving Libra. As an air sign, Libra is known for being a skilled mental strategist, and although many know Libra for being the ‘yes man’ of the zodiac, as a cardinal sign; Libra is very much taking charge and has a plan in all endeavors. These diplomats are justice oriented and are a great third party in any situation where mediation is needed. For this reason they make credible judges and lawyers. However, being able to see both sides of a situation has its drawbacks; as many Libras have difficulty with indecisiveness. This particular characteristic draws from Libras ability to fully understand all sides as well as a dislike in engaging in confrontation. It is also notable that Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object, the scales. 

What does this mean for me ? 

Perhaps the easy going nature of Libra isn’t exactly your vibe, but working with the structure of reality and allowing it to influence themes in your life can assist in greater growth and understanding. Take this time to be more open minded, especially when it comes to arguments. As outlined previously, conflict is something Libra finds difficult, as they are fair minded. Between the non confrontational energy of Libra and the retrograde of Mars, the god of war, the universe is asking us to avoid unnecessary altercations. 

Much of Libras life revolves around relationships, so take this time to appreciate yours and reevaluate the balance of their dynamics. You will find yourself more perceptive in this area and hopefully unearth some knowledge to continue to implement. This is also a great time to focus on all things aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair; or rearranging your furniture, now is the time. Nobody appreciates and harnesses beauty like Libra! Avoid overspending as Venus can cause a preoccupation with excess. There is also the tendency to consider all sides and become overwhelmed with options and stagnate. Remember making no choice at all, is still making a choice.

Unlocking The Beauty Of Opal

Opal is one of the most recognizable gemstones around the world. It has been used as an amulet for royalty and utilized in statement jewelry for centuries. As an ever evolving jewelry brand, it is the foundation of many of our pieces and serves as a timeless, eye catching way to enhance a myriad of good vibrations. This is a mineral so captivating and visually pleasing that it catches the attention of all who behold its opulent “fire”. And while the soft, waxy appearance of opal may lead one to believe this gemstone emits a gentle frequency, this alluring, multi-dimensional stone can usher in some major healing. It has also been used for centuries by shamans and medicinal practitioners alike to treat ailments surrounding the mind, and healing disease of the eyes. Prior to modern day lasik surgeries and contact lenses to correct shortcomings of vision, sleeping with a slab of opal resting near your temples was just what the doctor ordered. A roman historian, Pliny the Elder, once described opal as “a precious stone containing the fiery flame of Garnet, the resplendent purple of the Amethyst, and the sea-green glory of the Emerald – all shining together in incredible union and exquisite pleasure.” 

Outside of its visual appeal, there is a vast list of physical, emotional and metaphysical benefits to wearing and harnessing the energy of Opal. Similar to the visual refraction of brilliant rainbow colors that seem to spring from the depths of the stones otherwise matte white surface, Opal pulls out and amplifies any underlying emotions and allows for more accessible examination. While this can sometimes be a painful process, awareness is key in any successful integration and release, and there cannot be light without shadow. This process unfolds by introducing the spectrum of light present in the stone itself into the auric field and scattering the energy outward. 

As with all gemstones; there are different grades and types of Opals ranging from the most brilliant Precious Opals, Common Opals and Fire Opals. There are also differing color ranges including white, yellow, red, orange, green brown and blue and can be anywhere from translucent to opaque in appearance. The most valuable of these being the “Rainbow Opal” which, as the name suggests, encompasses a variety of flashing colors. Just as they vary in color, they differ in vibration with precious Opals emitting the largest concentration of energy. 

Historical Properties

With 95% of the world’s Opals being mined in Australia, it has become a mecca for the industry and is a highly profitable export for the country. Aborigines in the area believed that the stone was sent to earth on a rainbow to bestow a message of peace and love. While most legends around the world surrounding Opal were centered around good luck and fortune, there was a point in time where a more sinister tale was told. In the 14th century during the black plague, an Opal worn by an infected patient was said to have been in full color up until the point of death, when the stone suddenly went dull and lost its brilliance. There have also been tales of a Spanish king; who passed a precious Opal ring onto various members of his family, who soon thereafter fell ill and died. By 1849 Queen Victoria worked to reverse the stones’ unfounded bad press by wearing family heirlooms and bestowing Opal jewelry to her close friends. The Royal court of Britain was regarded as the pinnacle for fashion trends at that point in time and thus by 1932, Eastern European mines were unable to keep up with world wide demand for Opal. 

Emotional Properties

This is a great gemstone to have in any crystal arsenal for the use of connecting with emotions that could be more intangible. It’s energy can easily be tolerated for everyday wear and as such, makes a great piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved ones. It is useful in soothing challenging emotions, for this reason it can be integral after energetically heavy events and can be used as a conduit to help clear some of the mental fog that can result. It has the ability to strengthen positive feelings, encourage independence and release inhibitions. 

Esoteric Properties

Mystics revere Opal for many reasons and it can serve as a basis for a multitude of spiritual practices. As the stone physically shifts and presents different refractions of light, so it also provides flashes of insight and intuition to the user. It can be used in mediation practices; as well as placed in a pocket to encourage physical vision and cosmic awareness. The healing properties of Opal are relevant to any practiced Mystic, especially in conjunction with other stones. Use a piece of Opal in conjunction with Sodalite to encourage physic ability while allowing the energy to be introduced in a soothing, applicable way. Malachite and Opal together will bring matters of the heart to the surface; and the list goes on and on. When using Opal in spiritual work, it would be beneficial to come from a centered, grounded place as it does scatter and refract energy.

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